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Can I Expect Any Help With My College Math Homework From My Parents?

Do you want an honest answer to that question? Well, unless and until your father is a geometry professor or your mother has done her PHD in applied math; you shouldn’t really expect any sort of direct help from them in this regard. I’m sure they love you but the reason why they got you a math tutor in the first place is because they couldn’t handle the situation themselves.

Ask them anything about science or your English essay and they’ll give you their honest advice but math falls way beyond their jurisdiction. Here are 5 things they don’t know about math:

  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Integration
  • How to use a compass
  • Anything which doesn’t involve a calculator

So all in all, I’d say if you are asking them to help you, be sure to get your homework checked by someone more experienced later on. And I wouldn’t even blame them for not knowing, after all maths is a tough subject. Being a parent is even tougher.

If you’ve decided to ask them for help, here is how you do it right:

  • Let them know you really need their help by showing them how bad you’re doing at school or how you’ve been trying so hard. There are two things parents love:
    • Being asked for help.
    • Seeing your honest effort at something
  • If you’re having trouble memorizing a table or solving a complex multiplication question, show them a sample question and give them some time to process it before explaining it to you. Don’t be impatient.
  • Share your test scores with them on regular basis. Keep your parents in the loop, keep them informed so they can provide timely help.
  • If you need homework help, don’t hesitate to contact MyHomeworkDone. Your parents will try to solve your problem themselves but if you feel like they aren’t progressing at it, you need to ask them politely for outside help.
  • Thank them time and again, and let them know them know if you’re improving. It’ll boost their self esteem.

If you’re a parent, here’s how you help your child the right way:

  • Stay in the loop and try to stay in touch with your child’s teacher.
  • Encourage and appreciate your child.
  • Don’t be hesitant to get them a tutor.
  • Give your child weekly math exercises to test their progress.
  • Check their homework regularly.
math homework

Fun Facts About Homework: Is It Good For Your Brain?

When it comes to the issue of homework, there have been divided opinions for and against it. In the educational setting, assignments are most times regarded to as the proverbial sacred cow that should be handled with the utmost care. Although it has been around for ages, the issue of assignment is one that is not about to end so soon. Before going further, it is important to point out that assignments are not the same reading. While most parents see reading as a normal educational activity that can be enjoyed by anyone and as a family too, the same cannot be said about assignments.

As a matter of fact, over the years, the issue of homework has brought about tremendous stress to students, parents, and even teachers. There are assumptions that assignments are good for your brain and it is important to find out if that is true or it is merely a myth. Here are some fun facts about taking assignments home and should help you decide if they are good for your brain or not. They are as follows:

  • Handing out assignments to students does not improve their educational outcome or result in any significant way.
  • The amount of homework handed out to students increased from approximately 34% in 1981 to approximately 64% in 2002.
  • There is no research to prove that homework increases students’ academic performances.
  • Some parents believe that bringing assignments home means that their children are engaging in more learning.
  • Too much assignments impact negatively on a student’s productivity and academic performances.
  • It is quality teaching, not heavy assignment workload, that helps improve every student’s academic performances.
  • Parental involvement works more magic on students’ performances than after school academic activities assigned by the class teachers.
  • Starting the school’s day with a check of complete and incomplete assignments tend to have a negative impact on the students’ mood for the rest of the day.

From all the above listed fun facts about homework, it can then be rightly deduced that spending long hours dealing with one worksheet after the other, doing multiple colourings and engaging in other memory activities after school hours have little or no impact a student’s academic performances. As a matter of fact, a well-trained educator would tell you that saddling children with loads of assignments is an ineffective way of learning and as a result, learning rarely occurs. Therefore, it’s much more effective to get some rest, while ordering online test help from the professionals.

math homework

How To Handle Grade 3 Math Homework: Things To Know

If you have a child who is struggling with their grade 3 math homework, there are some things to know about how to properly handle each task:

  • Set a timer each time they are working. Children will become easily overwhelmed but at this stage in their cognitive development, having a timer will give them a strict deadline to meet instead of making algebra homework seem like a tedious and never-ending endeavor upon which they must embark. Having a timer allows them the freedom to sit and work knowing that they can stop as soon as it goes off.
  • Let them move around. Not all learning needs to be done while sitting down still. Young children, especially young boys, really need the opportunity to exercise, to run around, and to play. If there is any way to integrate these concepts into the work they are doing, then it will reap many benefits. Teaching geometric features can be done while playing sports. Teaching fractions can be done while baking. All of these activities that are done at home are perfect opportunities to really expound upon the lessons taught in homework and reinforce the concepts in a less abstract way. Students are more likely to respond if they can see real world applications for the work they are being asked to do.
  • Let the child take breaks. Having smaller milestones throughout the homework task which earn a short break is a good way to encourage this development. It gives the child a reachable target and then a well deserved break. These breaks encourage imagination and creativity so they are well worth it.
  • Help them stay organized with color coordinated folders and pens for each class. These seemingly small items can really help children to avoid being overwhelmed or lost with regard to their work.
  • Always be close by. Never leave them alone to do their work, but rather, be nearby to answer questions or engage with them with the work they are doing. Knowing you are there offers a modicum of comfort to students who might be tentative about their work.
  • Remove all distractions. Avoid taking phone calls during homework time and avoid allowing other kids to run around interrupting. Keep all cell phones and televisions off so that there are no outside sounds taking away from your child’s focus.
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The Positive Outcome From Doing Homework: Do Your Best!

What Are The Benefits Of Doing Homework?

Though students may never accept the utility of doing homework due to the fact that it takes away much of their play time and requires them to toil hard in getting their solutions right, there are indeed many benefits of doing homework that are invisible to their eye but prove helpful to them in the longer run. Parents who find it hard to make their children do their homework on time must take efforts to convince them of these benefits which doing the homework as per requirements and on time can provide them. Although unlike a written test, doing homework and submitting the same is much flexible with respect to how you gather information and what tools you use to do a homework through research and collection of information from various resources, doing a homework does have its own advantages to help students fare better in their academics and also gets them to be prepared for their professional endeavors based on the qualities they develop during the process of writing their homework. Given below are some of the benefits of doing homework that students gain through homework.

  1. Time management:
  2. This is the first step to assess your time management skills and how you can probably turnaround your time into your advantage by learning to use time efficiently and scheduling your work well in advance to meet the submission requirements of the homework that is assigned to you. Here you can evaluate your potential, speed and your punctual approach to deliver projects on time and have sufficient cushion time for any rework assigned for the project by planning your routine as per the project requisites. This comes handy during test/ examination and also professionally.

  3. Prioritizing your work:
  4. Doing your homework will teach you how you should frame your priorities regarding time taken and level of interest and efforts to be exerted on the project which is most important over other low priority works that can be pushed to a later stage. Often students give more priority to watching TV, browsing internet or playing over doing their homework which as a matter of fact is crucial for your academic and grades.

  5. A tool to evaluate your understanding on the subject:
  6. By submitting your homework to your teachers as per their instructions will indirectly tell your teacher how well you have grasped the subject taught in class and how deep are you into the topic by just looking at your work submitted. They can also assess where you require further assistance in learning the subject by noting down your strengths and weakness in the subject for which the homework has been assigned. It makes it easier for them to train you accordingly.

  7. You learn through the materials that you have gathered for the homework and also take some time for revising your textbooks and information shared by your teachers in the form of teacher notes. This makes preparation for the examination more convenient for you, where you have all the content that you need for the test preparation.

  8. You can learn to work individually towards any project so that it makes you feel independent and mature to handle such projects given to you in future with the same ease and interest that you have shown in your previous assignments. This in turn will boost your confidence to face further academic challenges that would be imposed on you in your career.
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Where To Find A Reliable College Homework Helper Online

In college you can be expected to read several hundred pages in a week, as well as write several papers. This burden can be overwhelming, however, there are places where you can find help. Additionally, many of these places are online, so you can have assistance 24/7. As with anything you find online in the educational field, you want to check the author of the source or the qualifications of the help center attendant. You can find help or an assistant to do my homework for me at some of these places:

  • University sites-some colleges now have manned sites where you can ask for direction, check answers, or submit your paper to be proofed. You may have to have an access code, but you will probably not have to pay any additional fees. Graduate students usually attend to these online centers.
  • Community sites-some communities and cities have decided that by helping their own young citizens, they are helping their area. Their hours on some of these aid stations are limited, but teachers or former teachers usually man them. This system seems to be working for everyone involved. Call your city government center and see if such a place exists in your town.
  • Teacher sites-with the boom in technology, some teachers have decided to build their own help sites. Obviously, the hours and even days of accessibility will be restricted. Your teacher does need to be at school teaching during the school day. Ask your instructor if he or she has such an online center and if so, what the link is so you can access it. You should also ask for the schedule of operation.
  • Business sites– as technology, math, and science careers have grown, several national companies in those fields have taken the steps to create help centers. Not every company has one, so you will need to search for them. There will not be a fee, but the company may ask you to register with the site. There is no way to check the different businesses without doing an extensive search. Use the keywords: business, homework, and help for search purposes.

When looking for a reliable college homework helper online check with your university, your community and center, your teacher, and big businesses. If you use a free site not associated with any of these people are organizations, be very careful to check the site’s qualifications. One of these assistance places should be a perfect fit for your needs.

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How Homework Helps Students: Don’t Look For Free Answers

When homework piles up and there seems to be no easy way to get to the bottom of it, you may feel tempted to seek out free answers online. Many people have felt this way at least once or twice but it’s better for you not to. The following reasons should help you understand why.

  • Homework helps you learn.
  • When a teacher gives notes in a classroom, you may understand what they’re saying on one level but a deeper understanding only comes when you apply that knowledge for yourself. That’s what homework is: an opportunity for you to use what you’ve learned so you can understand it better. Some studies have even shown that learner generated material is significantly easier to remember than teacher-generated material. By finding free answers, you may actually be making it harder for yourself to learn.

  • It may be cheating
  • Not everyone will care about this but if you are given an assignment that is supposed to be completed on your own, finding free answers is cheating. This is a behaviour that becomes easier with repetition so you can seriously erode your moral fiber if you do this often enough. This may not seem like much but many of the worst atrocities in history took place with tiny actions that gradually intensified til they could no longer be ignored.

  • Practice
  • Just as practicing to cheat makes you a better cheater, practicing your studies makes you a better student. Each homework assignment makes the pathways in your brain associated with the subject just a little more pronounced. Just like when you learn an instrument, repetition builds muscle memory.

  • It helps correct your course
  • By doing homework on your own you get a clear understanding for how much you really know. Free answers can allow you to maintain an illusion that you’re far better at your work than you are and the worst time for this illusion to be shattered is after you get your grades. When your homework is corrected you can ask for help to fix your problems so you’ll do better next time.

Finding free answers does not make you a bad person but like most behaviors in the gray area of morality, you shouldn’t ever get too comfortable doing it. Do your homework instead.

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Useful Advice on How to Get Homework Done Fast

On one hand, it’s great to handle your homework assignments fast: you have a lot of free time for yourself. On the other hand, it’s not that easy to get down to working and to be quick enough. Let’s see whether there’re any tips which can help you get rid of the assignments as quickly as possible. These homework tips are brought to you by Assignment Geek.

Tips on Fast Handling of Homework Assignments

  1. Stop procrastinating.
  2. Many students don’t even know that they suffer from procrastination. They don’t even notice how they waste time on anything but their assignments and when they finally find the time to start, it’s already too late, they are tired, and the work is done in an off-hand way. Make sure that you clearly understand what you’re doing when you’re not doing your homework and if it’s something that can be done after handling the assignment, put it aside and get down to work.

  3. Tune your mind.
  4. Your body and mind need to be ready for focused and intensive working through a certain period of time. It’s not enough to sit down at your table and take a sheet of paper. It’s necessary to be mentally ready to filter away all the distractions, to avoid long breaks, and to work with all the devotion.

  5. Motivate yourself.
  6. Find a moving force that will keep you going on. It may even be a thought of the free time you’re going to have after you’re through if it’s motivating enough for you.

  7. Have breaks.
  8. It sounds strange to have breaks when you need to handle the assignment as fast as possible. There’s nothing strange in the tip, though, because having breaks will maintain your productivity and increase your speed. Take control of your breaks and don’t let them last for too long, that’s all. If you’re running out of time usEssayWriters can always help you.

Taking Advantage of Homework Help

Assignment help can be an additional bonus that will help you handle your work fast. It’s better to think in advance where you would like to turn to in case you can’t handle the task on your own. It will give you a chance to plan everything carefully or even find available and helpful solutions before you get down to dealing with your tasks. If you would like to receive the help for free, you will definitely need more time to find available free homework help online or offline (you shouldn’t underestimate the helping abilities of your own family members because they can sometimes be the quickest available solution).