Motivating Yourself for Homework

An essential yet undesirable part of school is homework. Students know they need it to pass the subject, and deep down, they do know it helps them somehow, but it is still something many students are not interested in doing.

But because it is essential, students need to know how to adapt. The following are some ways for students to motivate themselves to do their homework.

  1. Have a routine

The first thing for any student to do is develop a fixed routine for homework. The fun activities should generally come after. Chores, however, may depend upon the strictness of parents.

But once made, it is important to stick to the routine so that it can be done again the following day. If this can be developed early enough, such as in elementary, it will be easier to maintain up until college.

  1. Define the study area

It helps if the study area is clearly defined. As much as possible, it should not entice the student to sleep or play, which is why the bed or the playroom are usually not options. Many students choose to do their homework at the dining table, living room (with no TV, of course), or even in the kitchen.

However, if the home is not big enough, making the bedroom the only option, then steps must be made to make the bedroom study-worthy. These might mean straightening up the bed first, so it doesn’t look too enticing, and clearing the desk of any clutter.

  1. Encourage yourself

Some people find it helpful to remember words of encouragement that they can recite like a mantra as they begin their homework. Phrases like “You can do it” or “Just believe, and you will achieve” can be of help. Others don’t just recite it; they print it out and post it somewhere they can see it. Positive words can put you in a good mood before tackling any school tasks.

  1. Give yourself a tangible goal

Parents and teachers often tell students to “think of the future” when they do their assignments. But because “the future” is so far away, it can be hard to give one’s all just for homework. A tangible goal, however, can motivate them more.

Some students treat themselves after a week of maintaining good study habits. This might be binge-watching their favorite show or going out with friends. But if they don’t do well, they refrain from enjoying any rewards so that they are motivated the following week. Others treat themselves to their favorite food if they do well in a test and institute their form of “discipline” if they fail to achieve it. 

Regardless of the method, what matters is the student can commit to studying hard.


Homework is an important component of the school. Therefore, students must find ways to stay motivated so they can study properly and do their assignments well. If you are having a similar problem, then do remember the tips above so you can achieve your homework goals.


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